Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan 2p Teaching, Play-through, & Round table by Heavy Cardboard

Are you interested in learning how to play Sekigahara? Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video.

Later, he is joined by Andrew for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

2:08 Video start
3:05 Intro
6:14 Game intro
9:08 Teach
57:27 Game start
57:51 Week 1 – Turn Order
59:50 Week 1 – Turns A
1:16:42 Siege of Miyazu
1:19:20 Week 1 – Turns B
1:23:58 Siege of Ueda
1:38:05 Week 2 – Reinforcement
1:40:30 Week 2 – Turn Order
1:43:58 Week 2 – Turns A
1:46:35 Siege of Anotsu
1:50:15 Siege of Ueda
1:52:23 Week 2 – Turns B
2:09:19 Week 3 – Reinforcement
2:10:50 Week 3 – Turn Order
2:12:42 Week 3 – Turns A
2:15:35 Battle of Kanazawa
2:24:47 Siege of Aizu
2:27:17 Week 3 – Turns B
2:33:29 Battle of Tsuruga
2:37:14 Siege of Kanazawa
2:41:04 Battle of Kanazawa
2:48:07 Siege of Aizu
2:49:39 Week 4 – Reinforcement
2:52:52 Week 4 – Turn Order
2:55:44 Week 4 – Turns A
2:57:47 Battle of Kanazawa
3:02:10 And the winner is…
3:02:41 Roundtable
3:12:57 Outro

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  • The rules (7.1, second sentence) define a stack as the set of all blocks in a single location. Once a stack of six has four of its blocks move, the remaining two blocks have transformed into a different stack from that one formed by the 4 moving blocks because right after that movement the remaining 2 and the moved 4 blocks are not in the same location. Therefore if you move any of the 2 remaining blocks, you will be moving a second stack since it doesn’t share the same location as the 4 block stack that moved before. You can’t say they are the same stack anymore. A stack cannot be in two distinct locations at the same time. In EDwards first movement from Edo, you have a stack of six blocks, once the first 4 blocks move north on the highway, the two left behind constitute their own new stack, distinct from that 4 block stack that moved north. Therefore when he moved that one block northeast, he was moving a second stack. And then he moved a third block on the east going west towards that resource, and he also mustered. That would be 3 stacks moved and one mustering, which is not allowed by the rules upon paying one single card.

  • I liked that you did the loyalty challenge thingy with Kobayakawa. Liked it a lot.

  • 2:20:00 played incorrectly, traitors die first, so yellow would lose the three power block that was added to black.

  • 1:26:00 Edward applied guns value to the siege, which is a misplay. Guns and horses do not provide bonus to points, only the clan symbols (mons) do. he still hit 14, so two stacks die, and the outcome is the same. Also, he should not have wasted the speciality card on the siege there. Also, Loyalty cards do not come into the equation, as the besieged player cannot play cards.

  • Really cool to see sekigahara game with CinemaScope conditions. Thanks guys, can’t wait to play now

  • Where the hell did they get those fancy castles? I think the game has only the boxes, not the castles they're using.
    At 1:26 the siege I think you made a mistake. You can't apply the +2 bonus for the guns attachment during a siege (+2)

  • Iru80Iru80

    Author Reply

    Great video!.
    Where can I get those castles?.
    Greetings from Spain.

  • Edward's draws were terrible

  • Not such a good idea to have a stack of 8 or so blocks of all the same symbol Ed. Limits the stack and it's abilities substantially. And no I have not played this game yet just "strategic" observations 😀

  • Currently watching the game(about halfway through) First Ueda siege played wrongly. No gun or cavalry Special Attacks may be counted. (And Loyalty Challenge cards cannot be played by either side). That game is amazing by the way. And so is this channel!

  • Where can I buy that card holder?

  • The new camera is a great enhancement.

  • Fantastic 2-player. Smart idea with the castles. Can be played online at

  • KyurKyur

    Author Reply

    Just watched through the rules segment, here are a few notes:

    • Winning conditions: In case of a tie, the golden Ishida player breaks the tie and wins. This applies to both winning conditions.
    • Mustering: Mustered blocks can't be moved in the same turn. Blocks can be mustered into already existing battles. A single-mustered block does not need to be revealed to the opponent, while 2+ blocks have to be shown to the player to prevent cheating.
    • Castles: Once a player has 3 or more blocks in a space with a castle and there will be a battle in that space, he/she has to contribute all blocks to that upcoming battle. No stack can be split and be partially inside and outside the castle at the same time; it's either 1-2 blocks in the castle (resolving a battle or siege by the defending player's choice) or 3+ blocks all outside (resolving a battle). The timing of declaration for choosing either a siege or battle is crucial, and the defending player should only reveal his/her choice the moment once all movement is done.

    • I would have introduced the concept of force marching earlier as a general option to boost movement by +1, as this is relevant when talking about movement penalties of bigger armies later.

    Overall, you did a good job on the rules. The game can indeed be a bit tricky to explain and it can appear confusing at first, plus there are a good handful of detail rules and exceptions.

  • Awesome play through! Could you share the 3d model file for the castles?