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Seventeen CARAT BONG Version 2 Lightstick UNBOXING!! 💎

The prettiest lightstick award goes to…🏆

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  • Which lightstick is prettier: version 1 or version 2? 🤔

  • Hi, can I ask where can I buy it?

  • where did you buy your seventeen popsocket thing??

  • "i was tracking it for weeks" MEEEEEEEEE

  • 😍💖💎

  • Did at shopee has this new official lightstick

  • Im not hard fan of seventeen but i love their lightstick its so beautiful 😭💖 i want to buy it but im saving it for gfriend lightstick ver 3 if they will release

  • Ummm, where to get the phone case? It's bootiful, I like it

  • SofiaSofia

    Author Reply

    where did you bought it?

  • Where did she get the Seventeen popsocket from?

  • Just got this lightstick today! It’s v pretty~

  • Can someone tell me where i can get one pls

  • o o fo o f

    Author Reply

    how do i get the strap on for ver2? lol I just can’t


  • Mines just came today I’m soooooo happy it is so beautiful

  • I’m going to London for their concert 🥰🥰 so excited

  • Which version should I buy? Version 1 or 2. What do u guys think? Give me your opinions.

  • does anyone have a link for the official light stick?

  • I’m going to Chicago’s location:)) my Instagram is @haiiwoca

  • I’m going to Chicago! Thanks for this video, it’s the first I’ve seen of an unboxing

  • Im going to the Chicago one💖

  • Who is your bias in Seventeen? Or are you an OT13???

  • where can you buy authentic lightsticks?

  • Where did you buy the light stick???

  • Which online stores do you recommend to buy an official Carat bong from? (except withdraw cause it’s out of stock there at the moment😖)

  • Im going to the jersey show idk which one you're gonna be at-

  • i just got london tickets!! how much do the lighsticks cost?

  • Hey! Just wanted to know whay was the price of it?

  • i got a fake lightstick on ebay😭😭😭

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! I want the carat bong ver 2 so bad!! It’s really pretty 💕

  • i love how scoups said he wanted to make the lightstick brighter for carats to walk safe home 🥰

  • Anybody knows where I can get this and the shop ships worldwide plsss also that you're sure it's official, I don't want to buy a fake one 😭

  • This bong is so pretty 😍

  • I just got mine. I’m going to their New Jersey show✨ I’m so excited

  • Super M is going to Vancouver and not Toronto 😞✊

  • Alguien sabe dónde puedo conseguir mi cb aquí en México? Antes de enero:(

  • Alguien sabe dónde puedo conseguir mi cb aquí en México? Antes de enero:(

  • They keep avoiding southeastern US too so this time I'm going to them.

  • ansans

    Author Reply

    hi! how long did shipping take? i joined a group order for the fourth batch of carat bongs that was released yesterday and i'm worried it won't be here in time for me to take to the oty date in january. thanks for the unboxing!


  • Is there any possibilities for newratbong to have knock-off ones? I bought mine by joining group order but I'm among the last batch and now I'm starting to doubt my newratbong after I watched your fake bambong vid🤣😭