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Sierra Leone’s Athletes Take To The Olympic Track Tomorrow August 7th

Ibrahim Turay and Ola Sesay

Sierra Leone’s athletes to the London Olympic Games; Ibrahim Turay and Ola Sesay will take to the Olympic Stadium tomorrow August 7th in the ongoing London 2012Olympic Games.

Ibrahim Turay aka ‘Arpress’ will take the track in the 200 meters qualification in the morning hours while in the evening, Ola Sesay will compete in the Long Jump.

If the duo secures a qualifying spot, then their Olympic journey will continue on the following day for the semi’s and the finals respectively.

The USA based Ola Sesay who is Sierra Leone’s best female long jumper is highly favored to qualify into the next round in the Long jump.

 The soft spoken but feisty competitor has promised to do everything in her power to secure the country’s first Olympic medal.

“I never knew I was the first Sierra Leonean athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games she said when she was told earlier upon her arrival in London. I am very proud of this and that will be the reason why I am going to do everything possible to make sure that Sierra Leoneans are proud after the games,” Sesay told Bernard Turay, the delegations media officer at the Games earlier.

The American based athlete noted that her first target during the Games is to first qualify to the final and then to move to secure a spot on the podium for one of the medals.

Unlike Sesay who had a qualifying time to the Games, Turay however is in the Games as an unqualified athlete but has vowed to use the experience from his first Olympic Games to improve for future international meets.

In another development, the pair will be among the four thousand athletes to cast their votes during the IOC athlete’s commission election before the end of the Olympic Games on August 12th 2012.

The election is to elect 21 athletes that will represent the athletes within the Olympic Movement for eight years as the current members term of office have come to an end.

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