So You Want to Main Discordia | Builds | Counters | Combos & More! (Discordia Guide)

In this SMITE Discordia Guide, we’re going to explore the Mage Discordia in mid lane. We’re going through Discordia’s abilities, combos, counters, builds, what not to do as well as general/combat tips.

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  • Great guide Teeds! I've been looking forward to this one!

    Also you butched my Kofi username haha :'D
    It's pronounced Chi-say, good try though!

  • When I saw the thumbnail and title, my mind went to BrickyOrchid8's "So You Want To Main" series, where he goes over how to play a Champion from League of Legends. Not that I'm saying this is a rip-off or copy. It just reminded me of it.

  • wow if i didnt watch this wouldnt even know her 3 had cdr and i couldve sworn i read all her abilities ;-;

  • I wanna main discordia cuz she's pretty and aesthetic

  • *clears throat*… screw discordia…

  • Hey thanks for the build! This is so much fun to play with now! 😁

  • I love her mechanics and idk why but I love the sounds her kit makes lol.

  • She's my favorite mage! Love the video, and kinda wanna try that build

  • You explain very well because goot what you want more thumb up high kloke active

  • o hi

  • Can you do one for sobek you are really great at teaching the gods

  • 2:27 denotate xD

  • 2:28 “At the end of the duration, her apple will denotaed” Am i going crazy?

  • discordia had me at chaos

  • That apple doe

  • Subbed. I like these smite main tutorials, please make more!

  • Nox & Chang’e guides 🙂

  • Nemesis pls Teeds

  • FuckFuck

    Author Reply

    Medusa pleaaaaase

  • Thanks for the video It really helped me.

  • Thanks 😀 <3

  • Ymirs wall doesnt stop her 3

  • I just love her design and look, only reason I started playing her. Also shes soo beautfiul, her dress and heels or so attractive to me for some reason

  • Nice video new sub ;3

  • also Bancroft's talon as her 2nd item after mage's blessing is a good choice. I always use it for more of the critical situations, because when you have low hp, the life-steal upscale applies on your first and 2nd abilities like crazy. It gives you much more power and more chance to survive with the life-steal percent upscale (which can be equaled to x5 in some major cases like when you have less then 15% of your HP)