T-Wrecks!! || Warpath Jurassic Park (PS1) Ep 1 [ Jurassic Park Month ]

Warpath Jurassic park is one of the games I didn’t actually have as a kid, but later on when I realised it existed in a Cheatbook I had, a search on ebay landed this game in my hands and its from there I played it. After a couple of days of playing ti gathered dust…. until today.

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Warpath is a fighting game. The player can choose a dinosaur to fight with against other dinosaurs. Each dinosaur has its own array of fighting techniques and style. Various arenas based on scenes from the movies are shown in the game, such as the T.Rex enclosure from Jurassic Park and the S.S. Venture deck from The Lost World. Some arenas feature destructible objects such as boxes, which will hurt the dinosaurs when they break them. Optionally, various edible creatures (goats, humans, dogs, and Compsognathus) will scurry across the arena, partially replenishing lost health when eaten or killed by one of the fighters.


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  • Beaver swears
    Everyone liked that

  • lesson learn when you start as a youtuber always be happy and active

  • I love the 3rd one lol


  • I wish this game is on ps4

  • Suchomimus is my main

  • The Lost World, Beaver. By far..just because I love all of the scenes that Spielberg wanted to use, and as the years went by it easily became my top pick.

  • No one

    Absolutly no one

    Beaver: I'm a mother f**king t-rex b**ch

  • This is legit my favorite PS1 game lol. If they ever remade/remake the game i hope they would put weight classes to make the fight more realistic.
    – The heavyweights for the likes of T-Rex, Giga, Spino, etc
    – the middleweights for the likes of Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Ceratosaurus, etc
    – the lightweights for the likes of Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, Troodon, etc.

    Put every stage available from the first JP movie all the way until JW dominion. Hybrids like Indominus Rex for the final boss of heavyweights and Indoraptor for the final boss of middle & lightweighs. Hybrids becomes playable after you’ve finished the game. You can get skins for your favorite dinosaurs as rewards for finishing certain challenges. Also as a bonus for clearing the game story/campaign mode with each weight classes, you can get a “fantasy matchup” battle mode where every dinosaurs can fight outside of their weight classes (heavy vs middle/ middle vs lightweight/ heavy vs light).

    That’s a lot of wishes but its never wrong to dream right?

    Watching this during the quarantine after i decided to marathon gameplay videos of my childhood games

  • bever chill

  • This was my first ps1 game when I was a kid and I forgot how brutal it was hahah

  • This is how dinos actually fought

  • I hate the swearing in this but it was great footage

  • As the trex when he first kilked the anky he killed it the way the indomonus killed the anky in jurassic world

  • He sweared a lot

  • forgot you swore back then beaver

  • Juassic world fallen kingdom

  • 19:29 Can We All Agree T Rex Would Be Dead From This

  • Game was way ahead of time.

  • Why did he swear so much he's nice

  • Beaver used to cusss ooooohh he cus

  • I normally watch your old videos but i forgot you used to swore

  • Jp3 because you need have respect for ze spinosaurus

  • 10% of comments: they should remake this game (they really should)
    Eleventy-seven %: beAvEr wHy yOu sAyIng bAd wOrds i'M oNly 9 aNd wAy twO YouNg to Be on YoUTUbe wAh wAH Wah iF yOu cAn sWeaR I Can bEavEr yOur a moTheR fUggEr reeeeEeeeeeEeee nOw mY maMa goNna whOop mY aSs fOr sAyIng bAd WorDs

  • Aaaahhhh! I haven’t heard that intro for so long!

  • Hey I’m curious, can you use arcade mode with two players to unlock everything easier?

  • The old speak bad words new don't

  • ???????

  • Beaver cursing

    Me: I've never met this man in my life

  • I miss this

  • god stop cursing learn to watch your darn mouth


  • OD McOD Mc

    Author Reply

    Beaver no swearing

  • This is old

  • J-park 3 is my favorite movie,because it stars my favorite dinosaur,Spinosaurs

  • 24:36 yes it did but it was a special thanks to him