The Beatles: Rock Band – 10 Years Later

The Beatles: Rock Band 10 Years Later. My first ever video essay where I essentially reflect on my time with this wonderful game. I hope you all enjoy my rambling on one of my favorite games.

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  • 31:17 – When you're drunk AF and the Karaoke starts…

  • Mr. DMr. D

    Author Reply

    You really gonna walk us through all the option settings? Cut the fat, keep what's genuinely interesting.

  • Your talking is anoning

  • I’m a massive Beatles fan that’s because my channel is called Paul McCartney

  • I wonder when we will get The Rutles rock band game

  • People still talk about Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

  • you can still play online on xbox and ps3, but on xbox you need xbox live GOLD

  • hey, there’s a group of people out there that are making custom content for beatles rockband

  • The Beatles makes me proud to be from Liverpool

  • does anybody know what the sixth secret vidrio is, i’m too lazy to go back and 5 start every song a second time

  • your not playing fuck all but a kids toy nobb head

  • They should re-do The Beatles Rockband game and should be able to use a real guitar to play the songs like on Rocksmith instead of the plastic instrument like guitar hero

  • Im another one who is a huge beatles fan 👍

  • I still love the game

  • I wasn't a huge Beatles fan when I bought this game secondhand and this game changed that drastically. Not only did I learn to love The Beatles, the difficulty in the game helped me improve as a Rock Band/Guitar Hero player in general. Absolutely one of my favorite rhythm games ever and one of my favorite bands ever.

  • Cool game am a Beatles fan

  • You sound like Nathan from Masterchef season 7 lol

  • 🔥🔥🔥 @4:13

  • i STILL play this game…


  • I managed to get five gold stars for every track on this game on every instrument including all DLC. I ended up learning the instruments for real, learning all the tracks, and successfully auditioning for Paul's songwriting school in Liverpool. I've since played the Cavern for real three times, including the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road last year where me and some friends played the album in its entirety, with myself playing bass and singing. I get to meet Paul at my graduation where they're showing pro-shot footage of that show, meaning that I've gone from learning the songs on a plastic guitar for a game, to actually getting to perform them for real for McCartney himself. Only just thought that that's probably the most anyone has ever completed this game ahahaha

  • I always played Green Day Rockband


  • is- is it just me that.. really wants to play it but- you’d feel super pressured to get a perfect score?

  • Holy shit man
    10 years already

    I'm born 2003 and I remember my brothers buying this game when it was new. I fell in love with the game because of the music and ever since, the Beatles has been my favourite band. That's almost 2/3 of my life, damn.
    I should probably go get the game and play through the whole Story in it.
    I'm studying music at school and I'm 99% sure I'll work with music and this game is literally what got me into loving music and more specific, The Beatles

  • This game made me pick up guitar

  • First, this game made the Beatles my 2nd or 3rd favorite band, but they couldn't beat twenty one pilots. Second, the drum set I got was used but in good condition, same with the mic. My sister broke the foot pedal and split it in half but it would still kinda work. 2nd, my favorite prize read either the ed Sullivan show rehearsal or the get back promo film.

  • The reason Let It Be and Eleanor Rigby and the like didn’t make it I always believed wasn’t a license issue, but that they simply don’t work with a guitar/drum rhythm game.

  • yo… Eleanor Rigby just gotta say it… not close to my list of favorite songs hahaha so it's funny for me to hear you stanning it so hard.

  • I'm a pretty normie Beatle's fan. This game introduced me to Octopus' Garden which quickly became my favorite Beatles song.


  • Great video! To this day I still dream of being able to play "Hey Jude" in Beatles Rock Band form. I'm praying we get a sequel one day, then again I don't need to. All I need is love 🙂

  • Trying to make a joke about Michael J. Fox was not cool. You get a thumbs down for that. Sad.

  • Funnily enough, I share the same fate as you that the Love album was the first album of theirs I listened to from beginning to end (followed quickly by Sgt. Pepper and Let It Be Naked, because those are the CD's my dad happened to have on hand)

  • Grew up with the Beatles 1 album. Alwayd liked them but was never crazy about them. In college, i watched a BBC documentary talking about their musical influence and theyve been my favorite band since. I tried downloading all DLC associated with the game but the license ran out…