The Golden Overpowered Airsoft Desert Eagle you will WANT.

CURRENT SNIPER: The Desert Eagle used:

– BBs:

*Full gear list available over at: 👍🏻


Fort Barchon (airsoft field):

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Airsoft Sniper Cam


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  • m1ntm1nt

    Author Reply

    I swear crazy Russian hacker was there

  • Airsoft guns come in three different types known electric powered airsoft guns, spring powered airsoft guns, and the gas powered airsoft guns. They are used to play airsoft and have a huge number of fans all over the world.

  • 1:31
    Is that Novrich that u shot?

  • Were do yo buy ypur guns

  • I want to be the same

  • Wish i had enough money to buy a sniper

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  • 4:59 cringing at the stinging nettle

  • 19:10

  • 100:15

  • I like 4:13

  • Who said pistel cant snipe

  • i like your videos are cool

  • I don't know what gets me excited about dark long underground coridoors. I just get all hyped when I go in one like mines ect… Maby I'm just weird, idc.

  • Target: Rascal Margot
    Type: Rascal, Sweaty, Exploiting, Toxic when has hacks

  • all guns are good you just need to be good

  • Go to a feild you dont usually go to and take a bb gun

  • hahah that guy that bowed to you because you sniped him ahhaha

  • Man. If You ever seen silo on the streets. Your gonna wanna cross the street. Mans a G dawg

  • This dude is ill bro. He makes military stories come to life.

  • He’s Midas from fortnite

  • Where do i find that desert eagle

  • Deaglemis such a good gun, I'm from britain so weep dont have guns, so only armed forces and permitted shooting ranges allow you to own a gun, so I hope to have guns under my basement floor like John Wick, R.I.P Doggo

  • Me : sees him coming out of a tunnel
    Also me : Thinks about the real deagle sound in a tunnel

  • Omg tell us how much fps it has

  • Where u get it from

  • I love this channel and just because of it I’m getting my first airsoft gun

  • Who says you cant play airsoft during quarantine?

    Unless its a bad situation

  • How many spiders were in that tunnel do you think 😂

  • Airsoft looks so cool i want to try it so bad but the guns and stuff are expensive

  • silo if you want real a real gun then this a linkt and can be used for hunting do NOT shoot at any one im only trusting you because you know how to handle these stuff heres the link:

  • Yo u said it was built in 1884 by geermans at ww2 when ww2 starter on 1939 explain?

  • What type of idiot gets a golden airsoft gun

  • Phantom forces in real life