THE GOOD OL' DAYS… • Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Soul Link • 13

Pokemon Soul Link
Pokemon ORAS Soul Link
#SoulLink #Pokemon #Nuzlocke

Welcome everyone to our Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Randomizer Soul Link Nuzlocke with UnitedGamer! Today is the ORAS Part 1 where our insane, first ever Soul Link adventure begins! In this ORAS Soul Link, several things will be Randomized. All Pokemon encounters will be Randomized, the trainer battles, Gym Fights, Elite Four, etc. This Series is going to be wild and you don’t want to miss a single episode!

This series will be uploaded every Monday & Thursday on my channel and every Tuesday & Friday on UnitedGamer.

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🌟 Soul Link Nuzlocke Challenge Rules!🌟
1 • Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or stored in a specified PC box for fallen Pokémon.
2 • You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
3 • You must also nickname all of your Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
4 • In a new area, the first encounters for both players will be, linked together until death.
5 • If one Pokémon in a linked pair is placed in the PC, it’s Soul Link partner must be placed in the PC as well.
6 • If one Pokémon in a linked pair dies, it’s Soul Link partner is considered dead as well.
7 • If one player fails to capture their first encounter in an area, the second player must forfeit their encounter in their corresponding area.
8 • Across both players parties, primary typings may not be repeated.

• Credits •
♫ Intro Music ♫
Hyper Potions – Big Snowman

♫ Outro Music ♫
Porta Vista – Hyper Potions

Outro and Intro Designed By Myself


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  • I love swellow. A friend and I wrote a parody of Beyonce's Halo as "Swellow" in a runthrough. We never did anything with it because we cant sing of make videos

  • Listening to how much you love your community and feel the normal social anxieties/fan girling like the rest of us. You guys are amazing ❤. Also "I was so nervous to talk to you-IKEA!!"

  • I love how you dont even have to watch the video to know whats going on. Its like a podcast, but you can watch it.

  • Love your vids

  • For DK's nuteral special he wields a G U N

  • I love how their cheesecake story sounds like a date love the vid 🙂

  • I feel you unitedgamer, i first started youtube 7 years ago and before then 24/7 i was always bullied at school just because i was different compared to others having special needs and no friends, it was even worse when i kept telling the teachers that i was being bullied and they just sat on their back sides and literally did nothing about it, they just allowed the bullies to do whatever the hell they wanted that i had nobody to turn to for help or guidance, i do still get it sometimes here and now but it's literally not as serious as it was years ago for me.

  • Lets wish Luke a legendary guys!

  • Love your videos man. Keep up the amazing work.

  • I also can't donate on you guys' streams because my region does not have a superchat feature but I want to donate you guys so bad

  • Had a shitty day turned this on n it brighten up my day😆


  • Hey Dylan and Luke loving the series my son got me into this and you guys are my favorite people to watch

  • When you said "good 'ol days" and mentioned ORAS, I was like, "old days? Boy, what?" and then I saw that you two are very young, so it all clicked. XD For me, the "good 'ol days" would be the original Ruby and Sapphire, but also going back further to R/B/Y. Yellow was my first Pokemon game, while my sister played Blue and Red. 🙂 I'm 38 years old, so yeah, I've been a fan for probably as long as you've been alive, lol.

  • I may get lost in the comments, but you guys are amazing. I've been struggling with getting a stable job and just managing depression daily and you guys are a sure fire smile every episode. (Continue)

    I wish I could hang out with you guys for just a day, but wishful thinking. 😅

    Keep up this amazing dynamic, stay amazing, oh and both of you are lovely lads!

  • yall ever seen the movie "I love you man"

  • Hope this is another one to make ya smile when you get up in the morning, Luke! I've gotten into yours and Dylan's videos recently and have just loved the content y'all make, especially the soul link! I really appreciate y'all's genuineness and honesty with your personalities in particular. As another Georgian like Dylan who has a good friend living in the UK, I feel the pain of never being able to see each other. Y'all make me laugh and smile everyday and I just wanted to say thanks.

  • Swoobat is super fast and has really good special attack. Depeninding on the ability, it can be insane

  • oh damit I missed that u playing ORAS now need to consume all 13 EP i missed 😀

  • As a kid, I only used pokemon moves that looked cool. I kept clicking Leer on my totodile and wondered why the other pokemon wouldn't die. 😆

  • When I was a kid I thougth special attack boosted the power of supereffektive moves. XD ~19:35

  • AdamAdam

    Author Reply

    And then there's Chunky, He's dead..

    DK, Chunky's dead!

  • I love you so much

  • Fake out on Persian with superluck

  • If you like KND they have a secret website for a unaired episode of number 1 in the galactic KND

  • I love you both so much. It's great to see how humble you guys are. <3

  • 🔥

  • In the intro, Dylan sounds more Australian than british

  • Bruh I’m not even a casual player. I’ve never played a Pokémon game in my life but I can watch play throughs online so of course that’s what I do.

  • Ive always wanted mega snorlax to be normal ghost. Its also weightless with levatate

  • I love this series it's amazing funny enough I found this by recommending on my youtube and I've been binge watching yalls content and funny enough I'm from Georgia

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    My gosh I'm so dumb

  • Enjoying the content. Lol the bromance cracks me up. Can’t wait for future episodes and content.

  • You guys would have to recounter because they’re both females and Persian was the only male but is dupe.

  • Grumpig… Poor Megan has to be named after a fat pig… 🙁

  • I know without a doubt if I ever meet you or Dylan I'm gonna be a shy guy

  • I wAs sO eXiTeD fOr tHiS vIdEo

  • Great video as usual guys!

  • Luke is a Tsundere confirmed

  • I love this series. You both make the day better and make me smile. I love this chemistry and can’t wait to watch more. Thank you both.

  • This is a little off subject from the video, but I started playing 8bitbros version recently, I'm only just after the first gym but I can tell that the people who worked on it did an amazing job.