The very first Q*Bert arcade game – prototype #1 – and other rare arcade games

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In this video we are going back to Los Angeles to visit Koolmoecraig’s arcade. In this video we’ll take a tour of Craig’s home arcade and check out his collection of uber rare classics which include:

#1 – Prototype Q*Bert arcade game by Gottlieb – swearing marquee and swearing CPO
#2 – SEGA Razmatazz arcade game – one of maybe six that exist! Sequel to Carnival
#3 – Vectorbeam Speed Freak
#4 – Pacific Novelty Thief
#5 – SEGA HEAD ON 2 stand-up cocktail thingee
#6 – Exidy Pepper II

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  • Can you PLAY the Qbert proto?

  • This dude always is touchy feely & beats on shit

  • 2:05 black sheep lol

  • Los Angeles, California? WHERE THE FUCK ELSE WOULD IT BE!

  • Nice laserdisc. I don’t have any laserdisc arcades but watch movies on a DVL 909. Awesome stuff man.

  • The Tutankham looks to be running Turtles, which is messed up.

  • I think if you cannot afford to live in a real house, you shouldn't own arcade games

  • the very 1st q* bert had f h m c q *bert

  • Holy carp, 11:08, never thought I'd hear John say "I don't know if I have a quarter…"

  • Speed Freak – craziest 'attract mode' ever!

  • Q*Bert its so cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  • You didn't play the prototype, did you?

  • 4:53 *ever released

  • So funny that they put a "Fuck The Police" cassette tape in a game where cops try to get you.

  • He said oh Fuck What’s your mouth John

  • why does he have a different game in the cabinet


    Author Reply

    pac & pal in a donkey kong cabinet😂😂

  • hey john i have an arcade also will you ever put the ms pac man by the pac man in the basement

  • how come you did not play the prototype when you were there?

  • aggeLaggeL

    Author Reply

    Wait, did you really broke into Craig's house, Or was it a joke?

  • Wow, the screen sure got cut off on the Head On 2 cocktail. Yeah, that's the boot-up screen for Pepper II so you must have reset it, and thus you were able to return to it and play (typical Exidy bootup that requires a bunch of X's to fill up the screen). That Tutankham cabinet appears to have Turtles in it, but it's messed up. I had never seen a THIEF with the voice sample tape. Thanks for the informative video!

  • Fly across the US just to break into some guys house and play video games. Nuthin' weird about that!!!

  • I play Q*bert.

  • (Craig's hiding behind that Speed Freak…maybe?)

  • Omg i was running razzmatazz through my galaga mame machine and the attract mode went off the same time as craigs razzmatazz in the video

  • Omg i would love a razzmatazz maybe i should try to save up for the one that the vintage arcade superstore is selling its actually a decent price considering how rare it is

  • "fuck tha police" coming out of thief, solid gold Craig.

  • that make a mini q*bert

  • But it says Q*Bert on the gameplay screen. Are you sure the chipset hasn't been changed?

  • its extremely stupid to buy any optical disk player thats over 20 years old. they go bad!! thats why all these optical based medium consoles like play station, dream cast, xbox are bad investments the roms found in arcades will last a hell of allot longer

  • 3:34 Apply directly to the forehead.

  • a2phaa2pha

    Author Reply

    The "swear" was not the name of the game. The "swear" was the weird sound Q-Bert made when he lost a life (and why it's in a text bubble from him). That's what I'm seeing.

  • He put an N.W.A. cassette in the thief game. Very fitting 😂😂😂😂

  • You luckly luckly luckly luckly git having all those games in your basement.Have you got a mr do ! game ?


  • Does he do that to other people's homes

  • I never knew about laser disks. A really cool niche. I might have to get into them.