Thu Ya Kyaw X DataScience SG: Pricing Video Game Items Using Data Science Methods

During these uncertain times, Google Developers Space is offering our support and welcoming our friends from the developer and startup communities to host their events on our platforms.

So let us welcome DataScience SG to the stage!


Everything about Data Science is selling like hotcakes these days. Many companies are trying to leverage data science to boost up the business in every possible way. Even Harvard Business Review deemed Data Scientist as the sexiest job of 21 Century. Due to those circumstances, more and more people are trying to get into the field of Data Science too. As someone who just started learning data science, what can someone do to improve knowledge and proficiency?

In this talk, Thu Ya will be sharing what he has learnt from building a machine learning model to perform something as trivial as pricing video game items and how it improved my understanding of Data Science workflows.

Thu Ya is a machine learning engineer at NE Digital and is passionate about Data Science and AI technologies. Apart from being one of the 13 pioneer graduates of AI apprentice programme from AI Singapore, he is also a certified Blue Prism RPA developer.

Whenever he is not coding, he gives back to the community by organizing hackathons, conducting technical and soft skills workshops as well as mentoring the next generation of developers.


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