Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Creatures in Video Games

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Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Creatures in Video Games
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It’s probably best not to play these games in the dark! Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Nightmare Fuel Creatures in Video Games. Expect some spooky games in this list such as Doom, Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

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List Entries and Rank:
10. Cherubs
9. Endermen
8. Wallmasters
7. Clickers
6. Twin Victim
5. Headcrab Zombies
4. Khezu
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  • The "Chaos Hand Babies" were some of the most terrifying things I've ever encountered. Something about them just… screams "this is wrong."

  • Bruh minecraft

  • Where are the spiders from metro exodus?

  • Enderman lol

  • I have a pet enderman

  • Pyramid head?

  • The Janitor from Little Nightmares should be on this list somewhere.

  • So Xenomorph isnt included? Or the facehuger

  • Evil Within?????? WTF

  • Giygas? Nintendo's most horrific villian?

  • you picked headcrab zombies.. Why not the headcrabs?


    a hand????????….

    really scary stuff

  • Scary thing: appears
    Me: silently destroys anything within a mile radius

  • I expected scp 096 to be on this list, because it cries and makes weird noises when idle, but when you look at its face it starts to scream for 2 minutes and then chases you. I forgot to add that it is literally unstoppable as well.

  • Endermen!?
    [Grabs Bucket of water]
    Job done

  • Which Headcrab do you thing is the scariest
    1-Classic Headcrab (Lamarr)
    2-Fast Headcrab
    3-Poison Headcrabs

  • i thought dahaka would be in this list…still gives me shivers when i think about those chases.

  • you should of taken bloaters

  • The creature from the thumbnail kinda looks like the Genie of the Flaps on cocaine.

  • Surprised that dead space wasnt on here

  • I don't understand why the Brethren Moons from Dead Space didn't make the list?? Scariest creatures ever.

  • The Khezu is……strange. The only REAL reason why it's creepy is because of the fact that the ENTIRE time you're fighting it, there is absolutely NO music.

  • How the hell did none of the Necromorphs make it on the list? They're like if you mixed the Thing with Xenomorphs and zombies. How is that not in and of itself nightmare fuel?

  • I feel like Witches from Left4Dead should be on this list, that music and crying is so ominous.

  • Just keep firing till it dies!

  • I’m surprised the creatures from the blind trials on hellblade didn’t get on here

  • endermen are adorable even when they attack me ;3 but hey, thats just my opinion

  • Hanyu added a mob from Garry's mod oh my gosh you are a sissy

  • I don't care anime enderman aren't scary thing all
    Why would you add it to the list they don't even are there not even scary LOL

  • A fat fingerhead gives you nightmares??!!

  • I think dead space 1 & 2 have better monsters than these for nightmare fuel…

  • Lame, nightmares is a totally inappropriate word used for this list. Try spooky.

  • half life 2 shouldn't be on the list the zombies aren't scary

  • what about terraria's face monster

  • When fucking Enderman get on this list but Necromorphs dont

  • Is this a joke 😂 1:21

  • plus there just disgusting and is the wall master just a giant hand

  • the enderman is not scary sure it does make a creepy sound but its just tall, black and has purple eyes that's not scary

  • JoeJoe

    Author Reply

    Centaurs are also named poop slingers

  • Not a bad list. I mean, there's only space for 10 entries, so some cuts had to be made.
    Like many commentators, I'm surprised there wasn't anything from Dead Space or Left 4 Dead. My list would be strongly influenced by sound design for the creatures (leitmotifs and monster noises). It'd look something like (in no particular order):

    The Hunter – Dead Space 2
    Regenerator – Resident Evil 4
    Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2
    ReDead – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Poison Headcrab – Half-Life 2
    The Nurse – Dead by Daylight
    The Witch – Left 4 Dead series
    Broken Neck – Fatal Frame
    Chris Walker – Outlast
    Gatherers – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • No.1 every monster from dead space series
    Edit:wow a lot of support for me.

  • MncxxMncxx

    Author Reply

    Where did my boy dead space go 🙁

  • Thanks watch mojo for the nightmares.

  • Necromorphs from Dead Space?

  • How are enderman creepy?

  • I was kinda expecting some of the Fran Bow monsters lol. Although the animation kinda makes it seem harmless, if you think about it this game is scary as heck.