Top 5 games before Kingdom Hearts 4 (Predictions)

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Happy 17th Birthday Sora

How do you guys like my new outro and logo?

What do you guys think about the games I listed? Do you agree? Do you think they should be altered? Do you have any other ideas for the next game before KH4? How many games do you think will come before KH4? One? Two? Three? Who will we play as? Whats your favorite idea for the next side game? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • love kidom herts 3

  • Noise is the name of the enemies in the world ends with you

  • Death by Life?

  • Idea: sunset sadness

  • Nomura: ALL OF THE ABOVE!

  • I want a kingdom hearts game where you can venture into every property owned by Disney at the time

  • Kingdom hearts lost key
    a game about 3rd kingdom key wielder with a new character

  • Kingdom hearts re mind
    Kingdom hearts what is going on
    Kingdom hearts ok I believe you!
    Kingdom hearts my name spelled backwards is disney!
    Kingdom hearts I'm going to die now!

  • Kingdom hearts foRTNITE epic victory royale chapter 3.70 awakening

  • Honestly for me a Kairi game or a remake/continuation of Unchained/Union Cross, and a true TWEWY crossover would be so cool. Plus if they really wanted to(which they obviously don't) they could make it to where in at least one game you can make your own party of 3 or 5.

    I mean just imagine having a Roxas, Aqua, and Mickey team or a Riku, Xion, Terra team, and you could have the Sora Squad(Sora, Roxas, Xion, Ventus, and Namine if she could fight) it would be perfect. Sadly they probably will never do this but it doesn't hurt to dream.

  • A KH back cover style movie for kyrie would be better than a game.

  • We need a triple A union x game

  • And I think Nomura-sensei should definitely choose between FF games and Kh games. Being on both, to me, slows him down and the respective releases of each franchise's games, if anything, and it's not very interesting.

  • Plus, I'd like more Final Fantasy in the next KH games. How can they not use this franchise while it's very rich and full of interesting ideas.

  • I'd like the next KH games to ditch Sora and crew for another trio. It's good when franchises get newer and fresher characters, worlds and places to explore instead of always recycling the exact same ish we've been getting used to for quite a while now (like almost 20 years).

  • I just want no floatyness and I want it to be like kh2 and not to easy

  • The kairi game could be about her finding out how to find sora

  • Kingdom hearts I hope never goes multiplayer keep it single player a game

  • Please no more cacs literally ever game has it

  • I think we should get a Kingdom Hearts game that takes place before Birth By Sleep. It would focus on Young Xehanort, Young Eraqus, and Young Yen Sid during their time training to become keyblade masters.

  • tbh my own idea for a Kairi game would be like:
    Sora's gone, everyone is worried and they go to meet whit Yen Sid and see what happens. Yen Sid tells Riku to go find Sora, and Kairi, Donald and Goofy want to go as well. Yen Sid tells them no, explaining something along the lines of Donald and Goofy getting benched bc they lack keyblades, and insinuating, whitout meaning to, that Kairi is weak and thus unable to go. Kairi gets upset and runs off and has a moment like "screw it, im going and not telling anyone bc i Need to save Sora, we shared the Paopu fruit and all that". so she does a Sneaky and tries to steal a Gummiship, but in the way she finds Donald and Goofy, who were also going to steal a Gummiship and try to find Sora bc they worry, and stuff. so the three of them decide to unify and become the "looking for Sora whitout Yen Sid's approval" squad.
    As of gameplay, i imagine this would be "returning worlds" game: ALL of the worlds are worlds Sora, Donald and Goofy had been to previously, and they are trying to use the connection Sora made whit the people there to try to localize Sora. Another idea i have is this being the game where Donald and Goofy gain keyblades bc like… cmon, after what happened whit the "fake" terranort battle (the one where they all died and, y'know, Goofy blocked an attack by the dude that previously knocked Lea through a few rocks, and Donald pulled out goddamns Zettaflare), i think is about time they get themselves some.
    (and also, like, going off the rail here, but it'll be a cool way to make KH4 a multiplayer game: this time is Sora, Kairi Donald and Goofy trying to stop Luxu and the foretellers, and they All have Keyblades, so players just really choose which character the like more, and then all work toghether to stop some baddies)

  • If I remember correctly the enemies in twewy(the world ends with you) are called noise

  • We need a game centered before, during or even a little after the KeyBlade Wars. With five different side characters being playable. The number 1 canidate for this game is Luxu.

    The other playable side characters are Ephemer, Young Xehanort, Young Eraqus, and Kid Ventus. And I say Kid Ventus, because we need to see a detailed story of Kid Ventus's backstory.

    We need to see how Kid Ventus time traveled to the future.
    And with each character their backstories are vividly shown and thoroughly explained.

  • As hard it could be to do this kind of thing, id actually like 3 separare Games with each team(bbs,days, & destiny islands crew), since it wouldnt be enough for me to just play as one of them, but, in a realistic scenario it would be (lea,ventus & kairi) all in their separate games.

  • I looked up the Big Hero 6 Marvel Comics and they're actually real. Big Hero 6 is technically Marvel. So we do have a Marvel movie in Kingdom Hearts