Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Walkthrough Part 11 – Chapter 6 Part 2 (Megatron Vs. Warpath)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Walkthrough Part 11 – Chapter 6 Part 2 (Megatron Vs. Warpath)

Walkthrough of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in High Definition on the Xbox 360.

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Release Date: June 14, 2011

Systems: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS, Nintendo DS

Developer: High Moon Studios

Publisher: Activision


It has been three years since MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS last threatened the world. Earth’s leaders believe that MEGATRON has fled the planet in defeat-but OPTIMUS PRIME knows better. An alien transmission is intercepted, exposing MEGATRON’S plan to spread chaos and fear among the humans, and unleash the ultimate DECEPTICON assassin: SHOCKWAVE! The AUTOBOTS must hunt MEGATRON, neutralize SHOCKWAVE, and save their new home from total destruction at the hands of the DECEPTICONS.


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  • Should have made warpath harder ,bet you would have died atleast once


  • Good lord the AI for Warpath was awful.

  • Thing is, why is there no badass music to go along with this

  • This reminds me of something from an earlier Transformers game. Oh yeah. "I'm a tank, you're a truck, how do you expect to beat me?" (if any of you played Transformers: Autobots for the DS, you'll get it).

  • I wonder why they never gave us a warpath figure in the bayverse

  • Warpath kicking my ass wit dat damm tank wats the best way to beat him

  • Fred nailed his Megatron's voice as always

  • God dam! Warpath design is cool!

  • Battle starts at 15:42

  • U view bot

  • The best way to fight Warpath is to remain in vehicle mode and keep firing rockets at him and use as much cover as you can until he is defeated

  • Why you play as the decepticon?

  • Worst game ever some of the autobot werent even in the movie i
    Wish they make the story similar to the movie just like transformer 1

    Never see

    Air raid

  • 😡


  • Those Autobot Drones are a Pain in the ass aren’t they

  • Meh

    Better script than the movies

  • Whats the point in making warpath a boss if he isn't even difficult to defeat should have set the stage with making not only quick, powerful, unpredictable, and intelligent

  • Warpath should be revived somehow and be put in The Last Knight.

  • mom:what you eat :me pussie :this pussie so good

  • Why does KABAMM! Warpath is so KABLOOEEYYY! Different in this ZZZZAAPP!! Game….

  • MoonMoon

    Author Reply

    "I order you to surrender!" "Are you crazy! That's megatron!"

  • I like the hatchlings they look so cool

  • Warpath: promise you won't go down easy, I want this to last
    immediately shoots a lethal missle at Megatron

  • if Warpath ever shows up in the film I want the guy who voiced him in this game to be his movie voice as well

  • This is just mini boss . The real boss fight was optimus prime

  • Megatón is powerfull

  • I always found it stupid on how Megatron gets a truck form and how he has a gun on his back but you dont get to use it in campaign or multiplayer

  • Warpath looks awesome in this game. I wish that they had him in Age of Extinction! Or maybe in Transformers 5. Hopefully.

  • alguem sabe portugues

  • can you use the fusion shotgun stored on the back?

  • going in truck form beats him more faster instead of robot form.

  • warpath is one sexy ass Autobot

  • Easiest.  Bossfight.  Ever.