UNDERPANTS SANS BOSS FIGHT!! (Funny Undertale Parody Battle)

The Undertale Parody Animation, and game is back! UNDERPANTS returns as we face off against UNDERPANTS SANS himself in the true Genocide Ending in UNDERPANTS the GAME. Undertale Underpants Sans Boss Fight Battle!

Check out our playthrough of the UNDERPANTS fangame here –
and of course MORE undertale games and fangames HERE –

game / battle here –

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About: Underpants is a parody fan animation by Sir Pelo. Although in this case, Underpants has become a game! This fanmade Underpants Sans battle has us face off against Underpants Sans himself to determine the fate of the underground! This fan fight was made using the Unitale engine, and was modded by Cezar Andrade.


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