Warframe | Important Mods for your Warframes

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  • Bruh whos gonna watch 50 hours of streaming just to join a clan on xbox? Likeee most high ranking clans will let you join for shits and giggles dont try to play people

  • Can you do an Umbra Excalibur High damage and long duration build with Skiajati, Fusilai/Kunai/Dread, Kuva Bramma and companion choice as well.

  • do you know a mod against lighness ? like augmernting gravity ? my nezha has a bug or is normal o dont know

  • Him: shields will be gone

    Me: um wut are shields? is playing valkyr prime with 2k armor

  • If I'm doing 50 hours there better not be a inactive rule lol

  • How do you get redirection to such a high level? I thought the cap was 60%?

  • can’t find vitality 😔

  • Dont ever use shield mods if ur using hunter adrenaline or rage

  • Wats a gud strength mods

  • There are some nightmare mods that could be useful

  • Spent years on ps4, switched to PC recently and restarting is hard but worth it

  • AlexAlex

    Author Reply

    I maxed out rush and put it on my atlus prime and now it's faster than my gauss.

  • Does vigor stack up with redirection and vitality?

  • I dont use sheild mods i just stack hp and armour

  • Just a suggestion, but you may want to do an updateed video for this.

  • I wish he knew that gauss came out like 3-4 months ago because 1.8 sprint speed is nothing now Ik it was 3 years ago (that vid got recommended)

  • Fuck me all these good mods are right there in front of me waiting to be taken and I’ve literally never done a nightmare mission before.

  • How do I heal my health cuz I see inaros player regenerating their health and awesome speeds

  • Nobody:
    Cephalon simaris: hunter we must perform synthesis

  • Assassinate keys take hours, not 5mins 😂

  • If you dont have shields for the mission, just use inaros?

  • I find it hard to take advise from someone playing Titania lol jk

  • Exterminate??? Nope, capture

  • I don't see warm coat here. That's objectively the best mod in the game

  • I always love watching your videos thank you for all the help youre the best

  • sh shsh sh

    Author Reply


  • PaleaPalea

    Author Reply

    5:30 It should be mentioned that this is different now. You can have all 4 keys on you, but you will get debuffs. Go capture as Limbo, and you won't die, just go out of the rift for a second or 2 to kill it and then go back into rift mode, capture him, and stay in rift mode until you find the vault. Open it out of rift mode, go in get the mod, go back in rift mode, and head to extraction.

  • More!

  • Do the vaults show up if you ahev thief's wit on? (I have no clue how to spell the mod's name)

  • This wasn't really helpful

  • thank you

  • Very helpfull,thanks !

  • ugh the way he says vigor

  • What to sell Cephalon simarus mods for.
    What to buy them for.
    Make a video, please

  • They should of made jupiter an archwing planet because its a gas planet irl

  • I recently started to play game so my lack of knowladge was well….. i got all of the kays on me and wen't solo,it was interesting

  • For nightmare missions just use Inaros he has no shields in anyway

  • 435+110%=630?? what am i (or he) missing

  • Yesterday, I accidentally sell all of my mods including drift mods because i was so drunk and played warframe. Now o learned my lesson
    Never ever play warframe when you’re drunk

  • Lmao he was astonished that inaros could get 4000 hp… boy, I wonder how he feels about him having 14000 hp lmao

  • I hate myself… I deliberately passed on a vigor mod from an alert not knowing what it does…

  • Who’s here in 2019!