We play games with the voice of Sonic: BEN SCHWARTZ – Guest Grumps – Aladdin

Watch in awe as TV, Film, and Literature’s Ben Schwartz POWERS through the Nintendo classic Aladdin, which is loosely based on the Disney animated feature, but takes great creative liberty in terms of Aladdin’s chicken intake.

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Game Grumps are:
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Danny ►

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  • Me watching this high rn 👁👄👁

  • My ears clog whenever my allergy ack up.

  • This whole thing makes me smile, would love seeing him around more and more!

  • Oh, it's the movie Sonic!

  • really crazy hearing Americans talk about their drinking culture…. feel like its very different in the uk. I barely know a single under 20 year old who hasn’t gotten black out drunk at least once!

  • This is the fastest an hour has ever been

  • I'm very impressed that one of their guests is decent at a game. That lava level is very hard and he breezed right through it.
    I'm sure he would've had a much easier time throughout the rest of the game if he used the sheet that he picked up in the second level.

  • ben should just take a big hit of dmt

  • Coors sux

  • “With the voice of Leo and Sonic: BEN SCHWARTZ

  • god Ben Schwartz is so fucking handsome and funny

  • The Genie's finger on the wheel looks so very flaccid.

  • I clicked on this and it’s has (right now) 666k views. Also, I loved the video!

  • plz more guest grumps with ben, because "do you think god listens when you scream?" can only get better from here

  • 1:07:32 this is the essence of game grumps and the essence of why the show is good

  • Did I just hear Ben speak Hebrew at 39:00??

  • The reason the Genesis version of this was always better to me wasn't about the sword — it was the presentation. I loved the music, and most importantly, it actually follows the Aladdin storyline. Remember that half of the film where Aladdin is jumping through the sky on giant Genie hands and clouds? Me neither.

    Also, I am watching this back to back with Ben's first episode on the show, and they definitely hit a ton of the exact same material. Ha.

  • the funniest thing about is the comedy of the new star wars, is credited as a shitty/negative thing that drags it down XD

  • Ben is so cool. What a bro

  • The audio is so delayed for the first 15ish minutes that it makes things extra funny when they react so late

  • i cant hear "my wifeee"" without thinking of mbmbam

  • Median age is 18???????? Where my fellow quarter life crises at!?! Like if you're 25 and up

  • Nooooo, play the Sega Genesis Aladdin :'(

  • OMG. I haven't played this since 1995!

  • Watching this after sonic, I'm so glad he wasn't too busy to come hang out with his favorite fan Arin. xD

  • bestgamermoments(dot)com actually takes you here

  • I kept getting that "airplane ear" with a beep also and though it was pressure or earwax, turns out I have Menieres disease and working my way to deafness.

  • I like this sonic cross over

  • i didn't really know anything about Ben Schwartz until this last week but I watched the episode of guest grumps with him and Thomas Middleditch and they played quiplash and then i went and watched his improve show on Netflix and now i'm like "gotta watch the other guest grumps now"

  • What's poaching?


  • I think you mean the voice actor for Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja