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When Jeon So Min Gets Drunk, She Picks up a Fight [Running Man Ep 465]

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  • Somin is just a slut

  • Episode?

  • Me XtMe Xt

    Author Reply

    Why i love so min is

    Kwangmin is working
    Yoomis is funny appa
    Seokmin is crazy ajussi
    Kookmin is lovely
    Hamin is awesom bro
    Mongji is ideal for sis
    Semin is bestfriend

    Everything in runningman members is fit for somin😊

  • I think somin not fit to be RunningMan member…seriously

  • The cast tease her all the time, and now even the guests, that's how easy going she is, and must be the kind that take jokes well.

  • amyamy

    Author Reply

    I came back just to see Jung min around SM. If a guy keeps looking at you even after seeing the horrible makeup then he is good for you I guess. JK is so mean with his teasing lol.

  • Park Jung Min 😍

  • I want to see Somin in BUSTED but if she become the guest .. she will ruin the show itself cause of her blunt self in show but she is an actress too hahahah

  • JungMin and SoMin should do a drama together..they look so cute!!!!…. they already have chemistry…🥰

  • WOOOWWWWW Park Jung Min


  • Me XtMe Xt

    Author Reply

    Jeàlous kook 😊 my delulu

  • And her haters use that story to bash her 🤡🤡

  • Even throughout the episode jungmin is constantly around or even beside somin hehehehe

  • we love u JeonSoMin

  • Baper sama tatapannya jungmin ke somin 😘❤

  • Waahh!! I already ship somin and jungmin 😍😍😍 idk but they look so cute together.

  • I love this actor😍😍 I've seen it in several movies and running man it's one of my favorite shows, I liked watching it there

  • Wow ji yeon still looks young and fresh wkwkwk but she got a little bit skinny btw fighting

  • somin is so cute looking like jigsaw. lol.

  • Lim Ji Yeon The Obssesed…

  • ________

    Author Reply

    somin is the queen of variety show

  • Jung min looked at somin most of the times during the introduction segment.. I wonder why…

  • its amazing how kwangsoo's friend also becomes somin's friends😄 somin gets along with everyone.😂

  • I need to find a man who looks at me the way jungmin looks at somin. 💁‍♀️

  • 😄

  • maknaes spent time together outside running man is ♥️

  • the way jungmin looking at somin 👀😍😂

  • Wow